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Superior Thermal & Security Features

Trade Composite doors are manufactured using different materials, including uPVC, timber, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic, these materials combined with our industry innovative, multi chambered uPVC profile deliver a supreme strength and secure front door.

Composite door frames manufactured by Right Frame, based in Sheffield, have the highest tolerance to seasonal weathering and don’t react to seasonal changes like a singular material door suffers from.

The insulating foam core of a composite door provides a higher thermal resistance than traditional wooden doors, and are designed with a visually attractive woodgrain appearance. While these doors may look like timber, because of the materials used to fabricate them, they won’t fade or discolour, distort in damp hot and cold conditions. Our Doors do not require painting and protecting, and simple wipe clean will keep them looking clean and tidy and like the day they were installed.

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15 Year Guarantee On all products, insurance backed for total peace of mind.

Manufacturing Composite Doors

Customised Trade Doors

Composite doors can be customised to your favourite colour scheme. It’s an easy way to give your home a punch of colour. Our door frames come in White, Cream, Rosewood, Light Oak and Irish Oak, as well as Grey, Black and Green.

Inherently thermally efficient, our composite doors will keep your house and home comfortable through the cold winter months. Due to their innovative design they meet industry leading A+ standards.

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